Vaser Liposuction

It is one of the ultrasound-aided liposuction techniques. Unlike conventional liposuction, in the first step, the fluid is applied on the relevant area; in the second step, the fat is broken down by entering the subcutaneous with a suitable probe with the help of a device using ultrasound technology; and in the third step, fats melted with the device are removed by entering with liposuction cannulas. The advantage of this technique is that it decreases subcutaneous bleeding on the area during the operation, preserves subcutaneous blood vessels and neural structure network, and increases the effectiveness of the melting process in the target fatty tissue. It enables more qualified work in more thin areas.
It is preferred due to its high effectiveness on abdominal etching surgery technique and on thin and sensitive areas such as jowl, ankles. It is among the techniques preferred in revision surgeries.

A specific corset is put on the area after the operation. It is recommended to use this corset for 3 weeks. The patient can quickly return to daily life, and no restriction on the patient's movements is desired. The patient can make the result more successful by following a fat burner and anti-edema diet and exercising regularly in the postoperative period. It takes at least 3 months for edema to decrease and the result to become evident. Additionally, it is recommended to apply manual lymphatic drainage (specific massage to the area) to prevent irregularities and adhesion in the application area. manuel lenfatik drenaj (bölgeye özellikli masaj) uygulanması önerilir.