It is the plastic surgery where sagging skin on the abdomen is addressed, subcutaneous fatty tissue is reduced and thinned, and the muscles on the abdominal front wall are redraped to get a more flat and aesthetically beautiful abdomen and waist area. 

It can be performed on individuals with wrinkles, ptosis and stretch marks on the abdominal area after the postpartum period in women, in cases of excessive or frequent weight gain and loss in men, and after excessive weight loss such as post-bariatric surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) in both groups. 

The appropriate surgery time is preferably 3 months after the weight loss process is completed as in all body shaping surgeries. For mothers, It is six months after giving birth at the earliest and preferably one year later. In the group of patients with obesity, the operation is recommended to be performed after obtaining the ideal or close to ideal body mass index of the patient following the weight loss process.

There are types of abdominoplasty surgery based on the severity of deformity and the person’s needs. The type of surgery is determined after a detailed examination. The sagging skin is surgically removed, subcutaneous fats are reduced, thinned and the abdominal front wall is tightened with rectus muscles in the operation.

The operation lasts 2-3 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The duration of hospital stay is generally one night, and the duration of stay in Turkey is one week for patients who come from foreign countries. The period for patients to return to daily life is approximately 2-3 weeks, and it might take 6-8 weeks for individuals who do heavy work or continue heavy sports activities. A corset is put on after the operation on the abdominal and waist area, and it is recommended to use this corset for 3 weeks.

It can be applied in combination with liposuction and/or breast surgeries.