Breast Augmentation Surgery 
(Silicone Mammoplasty)

Breast augmentation surgery is performed to increase the size and volume of the breast using primarily silicone breast implants. It can be performed for aesthetic purposes in adult patients aged above 18.

The patient is interviewed in detail at least for one hour and necessary clinical examination, measurements and imaging are made before the operation. The silicone prosthesis selection is planned with the patient in line with the patient’s request and body measurements and the surgeon’s aesthetic recommendation and is determined based on the sizes. Thus, the operation duration is shortened and the processes related to the silicone prosthesis are enlightened previously. Silicone implant sizes, shape (round, drop-shaped), operation plan (submuscular, supramuscular, subdural), and location of the surgical incision are discussed with the patient in detail. It is recommended to scan the breast for mass with mammography and breast ultrasound before the operation. These examinations are repeated 6 months after the operation and archived.

The operation lasts 1.5-2 hours under general anesthesia, and the duration of hospital stay is one day as the day of the operation. It is recommended to wear a corset and bra specific to surgery after the operation and the patient leaves the operating room wearing this corset. Documents about the silicone implant used in the operation are arranged and then given to the patient after the operation. Annual routine follow-up for breast and silicone is recommended to the patient. The period for patients to return to daily life changes between one to two weeks.

The duration of stay in Turkey after the operation is one week for our patients coming from different countries.