Mommy Makeover

“Mommy makeover” is defined as the combination of surgeries that aim to treat the deformities formed in the mother’s body due to pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding processes, and to transform the mother to the pre-motherhood period.

During the pregnancy, the mother’s body physiologically changes to safely carry the baby in the mother’s womb for nine months. The positions of pelvic bones change, the womb extends, the abdominal front wall-located rectus muscles are opened partway, subcutaneous fatty tissue increases and the tissue thickens, and the skin envelop on the abdomen extends. If the mother gains weight rapidly during this growth, the skin sometimes cannot respond to this growth at the same speed in big babies and most pregnancies; thus, the skin losses its elasticity and forms strias (stretch marks). Additionally, the waist area thickens and fatty tissue increases in the waist. In the breast area, there is an increase in the glandular tissue of the breast, the lactiferous ducts increase, the breast volume and size increase, that is, the breasts grow for feeding the baby after birth. Generally, edema and swelling occur in all tissues in the body. The expectant mother usually gains weight. With the gradual normalization of the hormones in the postpartum period, the mother’s body tries to return to the previous period physiologically. However, this return may not always be sufficient. If the birth is vaginal, then postpartum deformities may also occur in the genital area.

Therefore, the mommy makeover includes all these changes. In addition to its two main components as abdominal area (abdominoplasty, tummy tuck) and breast area (mastopexy, breast reduction, mastopexy-silicone) plastic surgeries, the mommy makeover surgeries may also include regional liposuction based on the areas where the weight gained is stored, or genital plastic surgeries, if needed.

The ideal patients for the surgery are those who are at the postpartum one year at the earliest for the abdominal area, and those who are at the 6th month after the completion of the breastfeeding process at the earliest for the breast area. It is also recommended that the mother should have completed the weight loss process for pregnancy fat and her body weight should preferably be fixed at a weight close to ideal. If the mother is young and does not have comorbid chronic diseases and if she can tolerate a long duration of anesthesia, these surgeries can be combined and performed in the same session. Thus, the restriction from work and social life in especially mothers who are actively working, is for one time and the patient recovers from multiple surgeries in one recovery period; thus, the time is saved. However, if the mother has chronic diseases and is in the older age group, these surgeries can be planned in multiple sessions to shorten the duration of anesthesia. The content, planning, combination and timing of surgeries can be determined specially for the patient after discussing it with the physician.
In surgeries where mommy makeover is applied combined, the duration of the operation changes based on the content of the operation, and the duration of hospital stay is often 2-3 days. It is recommended to use corsets for 3 weeks. The patients from foreign countries are recommended to come to Turkey at least one day before the operation and stay at least 7 days after the discharge from the hospital.