What is the Gold Needle (Secret) Therapy and How to apply?
This application, which is also named microneedle radiofrequency application, is made with an FDA-approved device in our clinic. Radiofrequency energy is sent to subcutaneous with specially designed 25 micro gold needles. It can be applied on face and neck areas and local anesthesia is provided using a topical before the operation. The procedure takes approximately 40 minutes, and it is recommended to be applied 3 sessions once a month for the most effective result.

To Whom Could the Gold Needle Therapy be Applied? 
It can be applied to female and male patients of all ages who have thin wrinkles on their skin, acne scars, were exposed to sunlight and have decreased quality of skin due to seasonal changes and air pollution. It also has proven effects on skin aging that begin to occur in middle-aged individuals and the resulting face and jowl ptosis.

What are the Benefits of the Gold Needle Therapy?
Elastin and collagen fibers are stimulated by reaching the subcutaneous with micro gold needles. The natural healing process begins in the damages created in a controlled manner. It provides revitalization and brightness on toneless and dull skin. Acne and acne scars are reduced and skin tone is equalized. The thin wrinkles on the skin are opened and the enlarged pores are tightened. The elasticity of the skin is restored. It is one of the new-generation rejuvenation techniques. Its effectiveness increases in treatment combined with PRP; thus, investment is made in the skin.
Canlılığını ve parlaklığını yitiren ciltlerde canlanma ve parlaklık sağlanır.
Akne ve sivilce izlerinde azalma görülür ve cilt tonunda eşitlenme sağlanır.
Ciltte oluşan ince kırışıklıklar açılır ve genişleyen gözenekler sıkılaştırılır.
Cildin kaybettiği elastikiyet yeniden sağlanır.
Yeni nesil cilt gençleştirme tekniklerinden biridir.
PRP ile kombine tedavide etkinlik artar, cilde yatırım yapılmış olur.