Secondary Rhinoplasty
(Revision Rhinoplasty)

It is the operation performed to correct the deformities if the current deformities of individuals who had rhinoplasty and/or airway operation before could not be corrected.


The possibility of revision among rhinoplasty patients changes between 5-10%, and revision operation can be performed one year after the first operation at the earliest, if needed.


It might be necessary to take a graft from different parts of the body such as the costal rib from the ear or rib and temporal fascia from the scalp, if needed, for the reconstruction of cartilage and bone structures in the revision operation of some patients based on the severity of the current deformities, unlike the first operation.

In patients with mild deformities, the revision operation can be performed with minor surgical techniques and small retouches.


Operation time changes based on the surgical procedure performed in line with the needs of the individual. The duration of hospital stay is often one day similar to the first operation. Perforated silicone pads are put inside the nose and a splint is applied outside the nose in the operation. The splint and stitches are removed on the postoperative 7th day.


Swelling and purpleness may occur in some patients within a few days after the operation. Edema decreases based on the person and the nose takes its final shape roughly at the end of the 6th month.


The time to stay in Turkey after the operation is one week for our patients who come from foreign countries.