(Breast Lift)

It is a breast shaping surgery performed in the case of sagging breasts (breast ptosis) by using the existing breast tissue, reducing the sagging and loose skin envelope, and preserving and reshaping the existing breast parenchyma tissue.

If the patient’s existing breast volume and tissue are sufficient, it can be performed using only the patient’s own tissue without using silicone implants. In patients with sagging breasts and emptiness inside the breasts, the lifting process can be performed as mastopexy and breast augmentation with silicone implant in the same session if there is not sufficient volume and breast tissue following the patient’s expectation.

The surgical technique suitable for the patient is determined and selected after a detailed examination considering the breast shape, severity of ptosis, skin elasticity, chest front wall width, existing breast volume, the sufficiency of the breast tissue, the patient’s body mass index and tissue thicknesses, medical condition and expectations.

The variables such as the planned breast size and volume, location of surgical incision and marks, breastfeeding function, shape and symmetry are discussed and planned in detail with the patient in the interview had before the operation. A breast scan for mass is made with mammography and breast ultrasound before the operation based on the patient’s age, and these examinations are recommended to be repeated 6 months after the operation.

The operation lasts 3-4 hours under general anesthesia, and the duration of hospital stay is one day. It is necessary to wear a specific bra corset that preserves the form of the breast for 2-3 weeks after the operation. The period for patients to return to daily life is about two weeks. It is recommended to use various scar gels for the recovery and blurring of scars. It takes approximately one year for the breasts to take its final form and completion and finalization of wound healing.

The duration of hospital stay after the operation is one week for patients coming from abroad.